The Empty Hall Studio

Founded by S.D. in 2016 in Madrid, Spain, The Empty Hall Studio is mainly focussed in extreme metal productions. From demos to full-lenght albums, we are willing to adapt to a wide range of needs and get the maximum potential from each project.

In a short period of time since the opening of the studio, we've had the pleasure of working with great bands such as Selbst, Cryptic Wanderings, Aversio Humanitatis, among others. But we're still newborns and in full expansion, continue to research on our website, listen to our works and contact us...





The best and most straight way to obtain professional and artistically expresive results is to work together since the early stages of the production. This is starts even before the recording. We should discuss what kind of production the band is looking for and consider the available resources. Success is guaranteed if we work together from the pre-production and during tracking and mixing.

Session drummer for recordings

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Mixing & Mastering

If your album was recorded in your rehearsal room/home studio or in a professional local studio for convenience or limited budget reasons, you can send us all the material and be confident we'll obtain the best results possible, mantaining constant communication, sending references and making all the efforts necessary to achieve the results desired. If you want to work this way, we suggest contacting us before the recording, so we can discuss about the best options to do it and the delivery of the tracks.

Guitar Reamping

Whether it is for availability, distance issues, or you just prefer to record your tracks on your own, we can re-amplificate and record your guitar tracks and give it a proper sound. All you have to do is sending us the DI clean tracks of it.

Drum editing

Send your drum tracks to be cleaned, tightened, sampled, create MIDI tracks from it or any other request you have. All properly done and with fresh sound.


CONTACT FORM | Tell us about your project, ask for budget, advice before recording, etc...