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Founded by S. in mid 2016 in Madrid, Spain, The Empty Hall is a studio specialized in extreme metal productions.


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The best and most straight way to obtain artistically expresive results with the exact sound you want is to work together from the early stages of the production, discuss what the band is looking for and consider the available resources.


If your album was recorded elsewhere, you can send us all the tracks and be confident we'll work hard to obtain the best results. We have experience working with bands from all around the world, mantaining constant communication during all the mixing process.


If you are in need of a different perspective and final revision for your mix, we will improve the balance and response of it in different sound systems and will send it back to you ready for CD/Vinyl/Tape duplication and streaming. *We do Vinyl-mastering*

Drum Editing

We can prepare your drum tracks for mixing: Time alignment, toms tracks cleaning, snare bleeding reduction, check phase coherence and create MIDI files for kick and snare sampling, etc.

Guitar Reamp

Whether it is for availability, distance issues, or you just prefer to record on your own, we can re-amplificate and record your guitar tracks with real amps and cabinets. You just have to send us the clean DI tracks.

Studio Session Drummer

We work with Jonathan Heredia, who do session recordings for very affordable prices. Check out some of this works here, here, here and here.
Get in contact for more information.



1 track (<9 min): 50€
2 tracks: 65€
3 tracks: 90€
4 tracks: 115€
5 tracks: 140€
6 tracks: 160€
7 tracks: 180€
>40 minutes: 200€
>60 minutes: 245€

*+6€/track for vinyl version.
*Includes delivery of DPP image and digital files in WAV and MP3.


Prices for mixing really depends on the lenght and complexity of the project.
To fix a budget we should first discuss about number of songs, the kind of production you are looking for, is drum editing or reamping needed?, how was the album recorded? etc.
I strongly recommend to get in contact before you start the recording process.

Approximate budgets would be 250€-400€ for an EP (under 25 min) and 450€-750€ for a full-lenght.


It can vary depending on the availability and schedules of the band and the number of sessions needed (the more sessions the lower the price), but it's usually 130€ for a working day (16€/h). 20€/extra hour.

Drum editing/
Guitar Reamp:

Get in touch and explain us your requirements.

Session Drummer:

It is necessary to first know the project's length and complexity to give a complete budget, but a reference price moves around 80-100€/song all included (+3 songs).


Chief engineer / Producer


Founder of THE EMPTY HALL and responsible for all the projects that materialize within these walls.

More than a decade ago I began to be interested in the audio world and since then I have been devoted almost obsessively to studying, learning and improving in everything related to it, mainly focussing on Extreme Metal productions.

Assistant engineer


Recording assistant, in charge of some editing duties and a different perspective during mixing and mastering sessions.

Runs his own brand - Beard Dude Productions - for non-metal related projects in the same facilities.

Studio drummer


Our studio session drummer. Can be hired for a minimum of three songs for extreme metal, metal and rock projects. Contact us for more information.

Some of his works here.



Responsible of visual projects such as studio reports, playthroughs, videoclips, photography, etc.

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