Prices 2024

All prices exclude 21% VAT*
*About VAT: If the project is paid from outside Europe, VAT isn't charged. If it's paid from inside the EU and you have a valid VAT number, it's not charged either.


Hybrid workflow with digital and analog gear.

1 track: 85€
2 tracks: 127€
3 tracks: 157€
4 tracks: 193€
5 tracks: 229€
6 tracks: 265€
7 tracks: 289€
8 tracks (>45 min): 313€

*Very long tracks will be divided by 6 (eg. 20 minutes songs will be charged as 3 tracks).
**All tracks must come from the same mix. Compilations and different recording/mixing sessions will be charged differently.

At the end of the project, the following will be delivered:
-DDP image for CD duplication.
-Tracks in WAV 16/24 bit and MP3 320 kbps.
-Vinyl version with songs merged by sides and Cue Sheet.

(includes mastering)

Price is calculated according to the playing time as follows: 180€ + 16€ per minute

20 minutes EP = 500€
40 minutes album = 820€

*Benefit for this kind of projects: Guitar and bass reamp reamp is included.
**Already mixed intros/outros are not taken into account for calculating the price.
***In-depth editing, like drum quatization and vocal tuning, is not included. If this is needed, it must be communicated and discussed in advance.

Guitar & Bass Re-amp

Price: 80€ + 20€ per song

4 songs = 160€.
7 songs = 220€

Gear available at the moment is: Orange Dual Dark, Marshall JVM410, EVH 5150 6l6, Darkglass Adam + a variety of high end amp and cab emulations.

Vinyl Preparation and 'Unmastering'

Price: 45€ for 12" LPs and 22€ for 7".

This is commonly a service for Record Labels.
It consists of a general revision of the material to ensure it's suitable for vinyl pressing.
Dynamics are brought back (to some extent) from limited CD masters.
Silibances and harshness in high frequencies are soothed, problematic frequencies are controlled or cleaned out, problems in low and out of phase frequencies are solved, removal of 'clics' and unwanted noises, levels are adjusted and matched when necessary, songs are merged in A / B sides, creation of Cue Sheet with times, etc. .
There's no 'enhancement' of the sound. No analog gear involved.