The Empty Hall works in several 'Tops' 2017
by S.D.
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Several of the productions done this year in the studio has been featured in 2017 'Tops' from webs such as Cvlt Nation, Invisible Oranges, Antichrist Magazine[...]

Three of the works that has been done this year in the studio have been mentioned in several "tops" of the best works of 2017. Although these rankings often ignore many great records and are not always a guarantee of quality, it is good to know that The Empty Hall has helped in part that these bands/releases are recognized. Here's a list with some links:

-CVLT Nation included the Siberian Hell Sounds-Convulsing split in their top-10 splits of 2017.

-Invisible Oranges included in their top the Selbst's album and the split between Siberian Hell Sounds-Convulsing.

-Antichrist Metalzine included the Aversio Humanitatis' EP and the Selbst album again.

-Infernal Masquerade Webzine mentioned Selbst once again.

-Swirls of Noise included Selbst and Aversio Humanitatis too.

-The Headbanging Moose includes 'Longing for the Untold' of Aversio Humanitatis in their list of best EPs of the year.

-Black Metal Daily includes Aversio Humanitatis EP and Convulsing-Siberian Hell Sounds split in their top.

Other works I did during this 2017 that haven't been mentioned in any 'top' (by the moment) but I consider have great artistic value and quality production are Cryptic Wanderings' 'You Shall Be There...' (Forever Plagued Records) and Iku-Turso's 'The Great Tower' (Wolfspell Records).